Infection Prevention Control Ireland
A Ghrá Care Services becomes a Member of Infection Prevention Control Ireland
A Ghrá have become full members of Infection Prevention Control Ireland (IPC Ireland) In these trying times its vital we do all in our power to prevent the spread of infection and the covid-19 virus. All A Ghrá staff have received HSE Covid -19 specific infection prevention and control training. Infection Prevention Control Ireland is a unified and professional group providing assistance and advice to empower those delivering care in all healthcare settings. IPCI members engage with healthcare service users and providers at national local and international levels to deliver care based on evidence and best practice. IPC Ireland’s stated Vision and Mission (See Below) supports A Ghrá’s stated goal of becoming the most trusted provider of Homecare in the West of Ireland. Our membership is part of our continuous improvement process, ensuring that we provide high quality, cost effective services to all our clients. IPC Vison:  Our vision is to empower people to provide safe care so that no person is harmed by a preventable infection. IPC Mission: To make our vision a reality Infection Prevention Control Ireland (IPCI) will strive to educate nurture and preserve the sharing of expert knowledge to enable healthcare staff, service users and others to make informed and evidenced based decisions on how to protect their patients, service users, colleagues and themselves from the risk of infections, irrespective of culture or diversity.
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