Specialist Care

Dementia Care

A Ghra Care services recognise that dementia care is unique. We feel that an understanding of dementia is a prerequisite to providing sensitive person centred care. With this in mind we have the following supports in place:

  • High quality person centred and consistent dementia care service.
  • Specialist dementia care advisory team available to support families and care staff.
  • At all times our care staff encourage the independence and dignity of the person with dementia.
  • We are committed to supporting families and to helping them look after their loved ones at home as long as possible.
  • Specifically designed care plans can be put in place to suit the needs of the person with dementia.
    This care plan is reviewed regularly in partnership with family members and health care Professionals.


  • There are 50,000 people with dementia in Ireland at present and over 500,000 people living in   families who are affected.
  • The highest rates per head of population are in the west of Ireland . There are over 5,000 people   Living with dementia in Galway, Mayo, and  Roscommon.
  • These figures are expected to treble in the next 25 years.
  • Dementia affects more women than men ( possible reasons being women have longer life expectancy than men; higher risk factors in women include hormonal and genic factors )

Prevalence and projections of Dementia in Ireland, 2011-2046, Dr. Maria Pierce, Prof. Suzanne Cahill and Prof. Eamonn O ‘ Shea)


A Ghrá has created its own booklet as an aid to both carers and families. The link below contains a lot of useful information about Dementia, the information was collated and this booklet produced by Eileen Kelly our Dementia Lead and a person who has many years of experience dealing with Dementia. Please feel free to download it

Dementia Information Pack for Families

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