Personal Assistant Services

A Ghrá has positioned itself to provide a Personal Assistant Service which can be considered much broader than the traditional Home-Support service


We at A Ghra Care Services know and understand that your needs can vary from support with transport, to providing assistance with interpretation and help to access & attend the different support services available for the most vulnerable in our communities. The application for Personal Assistant support can vary and ultimately depends on who will fund the service. Please note that Tax Relief is available for those who fund PA services privately by accessing a HK1 form, completing it and returning it to your local tax office, this tax relief can be shared among the family for maximum utility.
To get started call us on 093-60716, use the Client Service Request Link; or if you would like further information or to discuss your needs informally leave your details on our contact form, we will get back to you asap, usually within 48 hours. The process usually starts off with a comprehensive needs analysis for both you and your loved one. We can then, in agreement with you generate a personalised Respite Care Plan and schedule suitable to your needs and which can be reviewed regularly with you.

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